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Line Id: A

City: Alicante, Spain

Provider: Autobusos Urbans d'Elx

Bus stop: Polígon Ind. Carrús 4

Bus stop: Polígon Ind. Carrús 5

Bus stop: Tanatori Carrús

Bus stop: Jardí D'Asp

Bus stop: Manuel Campello Ruiz

Bus stop: El Toscar

Bus stop: José Díez Mora

Bus stop: Plaça Madrid

Bus stop: León Sánchez Sáez

Bus stop: Reina Victoria, 141

Bus stop: Reina Victoria, 95

Bus stop: Reina Victoria - Jorge Juan

Bus stop: Centre - Doctor Caro


Polígon Ind. Carrús 4
Polígon Ind. Carrús 5
Tanatori Carrús
Jardí D'Asp
Manuel Campello Ruiz
El Toscar
José Díez Mora
Plaça Madrid
León Sánchez Sáez
Reina Victoria, 141
Reina Victoria, 95
Reina Victoria - Jorge Juan
Centre - Doctor Caro
193-1 avenida Novelda
163 avenida Novelda
131 avenida Novelda
1AC calle Leopoldo Vicente Serrano
6 Cl Manuel Campello Ruiz
85 calle José Díez Mora
calle José Díez Mora
10 calle José Navarro Orts
27 calle León Sánchez Sáez
139 Cl Reina Victoria
91AC calle Reina Victoria
29 Cl Reina Victoria
18 Calle Doctor Caro

Additional information: A has 13 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 16 minutes.

Sunday :7:05 AM - 10:35 PM
Monday :7:15 AM - 10:35 PM
Tuesday :7:03 AM - 10:38 PM
Wednesday :7:03 AM - 10:38 PM
Thursday :7:03 AM - 10:38 PM
Friday :7:03 AM - 10:38 PM
Saturday :7:03 AM - 10:38 PM