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Line Id: 2

City: Annonay, France

Provider: LE BUS - ARCHE Agglo

Bus stop: Route De Lamastre

Bus stop: Lycée Marius Bouvier

Bus stop: L'Octroi

Bus stop: Avenue Foch

Bus stop: Office De Tourisme

Bus stop: Quai Farconnet

Bus stop: Passerelle Seguin

Bus stop: Place Carnot

Bus stop: Tournon Gare Routière

Bus stop: Avenue De Nîmes

Bus stop: Avenue Bel Horizon

Bus stop: Gymnase Jeannie Longo

Bus stop: Rue Barbara

Bus stop: Girondes

Bus stop: Hôpital


Route De Lamastre
Lycée Marius Bouvier
Avenue Foch
Office De Tourisme
Quai Farconnet
Passerelle Seguin
Place Carnot
Tournon Gare Routière
Avenue De Nîmes
Avenue Bel Horizon
Gymnase Jeannie Longo
Rue Barbara
22 Rue René Cassin
Chemin de Labeaume
18 Avenue Maréchal Foch
64 Avenue Maréchal Foch
2 Quai Marc Seguin
D 219
Place Rampon
6 Rue Pasteur
4 Avenue de Nîmes
2 Avenue Bel Horizon
Rue Robert Dumolard
125 Rue Barbara
892 Chemin des Girondes
13 Rue des Alpes

Additional information: 2 has 15 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 15 minutes.

Sunday :9:22 AM - 8:07 PM
Monday :
Tuesday :9:22 AM - 8:07 PM
Wednesday :9:22 AM - 8:07 PM
Thursday :9:22 AM - 8:07 PM
Friday :9:22 AM - 8:07 PM
samedi :9:22 AM - 8:07 PM