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Line Id: 031-008 La Acebal-La Felguera (C.P. Turiellos)

City: Asturias, Spain

Provider: Ana María Blanco Martínez

Bus stop: Cp Turiellos

Bus stop: Campo La Carrera

Bus stop: Venta Del Aire

Bus stop: La Acebal


Cp Turiellos
Campo La Carrera
Venta Del Aire
La Acebal
Calle Horacio Fernández Inguanzo
13 Lg Campu La Carrera,el (felguera La Pq)
7 Cs Venta L'aire,la (felguera La Pq)
8 Al L'acebal (barros Pq)

Additional information: 031-008 LA ACEBAL-LA FELGUERA (C.P. TURIELLOS) has 4 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 30 minutes.

Sunday :
Monday :
Tuesday :3:30 PM
Wednesday :3:30 PM
Thursday :3:30 PM
Friday :
Saturday :3:30 PM