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Line Id: 01

City: Bahia de Cadiz, Spain

Provider: CMTBC - Chiclana (Urbanos)

Bus stop: La Carabina (Chiclana)

Bus stop: Velódromo (Chiclana)

Bus stop: Avenida De Los Campesinos (Chiclana)

Bus stop: La Piña (Chiclana)

Bus stop: Solagitas (Chiclana)

Bus stop: Transupra (Chiclana)

Bus stop: Bar Poblaó (Chiclana)

Bus stop: Huerta Rosario (Chiclana)

Bus stop: Ancha (Chiclana)

Bus stop: Plaza Andalucía (Chiclana)

Bus stop: Plaza España (Chiclana)

Bus stop: Caraza - La Plaza (Chiclana)


La Carabina (Chiclana)
Velódromo (Chiclana)
Avenida De Los Campesinos (Chiclana)
La Piña (Chiclana)
Solagitas (Chiclana)
Transupra (Chiclana)
Bar Poblaó (Chiclana)
Huerta Rosario (Chiclana)
Ancha (Chiclana)
Plaza Andalucía (Chiclana)
Plaza España (Chiclana)
Caraza - La Plaza (Chiclana)
4 Ur Carabina La
56 Av Del Velodromo
2 Av Del Velodromo
28B Av Campesinos De Los
1 Cl Limon
71D Cr Medina De
17 Cr Medina De
43 Cl Arenal
44 Cl Ancha
1 Cl Sor Angela De La Cruz
Plaza de España
5 Cl Caraza

Additional information: 01 has 12 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 14 minutes.

Sunday :7:25 AM - 8:25 PM
Monday :
Tuesday :7:25 AM - 8:25 PM
Wednesday :7:25 AM - 8:25 PM
Thursday :7:25 AM - 8:25 PM
Friday :7:25 AM - 8:25 PM
Saturday :7:25 AM - 8:25 PM