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Line Id: 3

City: Bologne, Italy

Provider: AMI

Bus stop: Kennedy

Bus stop: Bologna Argine Ducale

Bus stop: Goretti Bologna

Bus stop: Goretti Ippodromo

Bus stop: Goretti Fabbri

Bus stop: Fabbri

Bus stop: Via Del Campo Cimitero

Bus stop: Via Del Campo Poletti

Bus stop: Boldrini

Bus stop: Pesci

Bus stop: Rivana

Bus stop: Pesci

Bus stop: Pesci Buglione

Bus stop: Pesci Bologna

Bus stop: Stazione Porta Reno

Bus stop: Foro Boario

Bus stop: Barlaam Zappaterra

Bus stop: Barlaam Geometri

Bus stop: Barlaam Zappaterra

Bus stop: Foro Boario - Via Prampolini

Bus stop: Foro Boario Argine Ducale

Bus stop: Argine Ducale

Bus stop: Facolta' Di Ingegneria

Bus stop: Stazione


Bologna Argine Ducale
Goretti Bologna
Goretti Ippodromo
Goretti Fabbri
Via Del Campo Cimitero
Via Del Campo Poletti
Pesci Buglione
Pesci Bologna
Stazione Porta Reno
Foro Boario
Barlaam Zappaterra
Barlaam Geometri
Barlaam Zappaterra
Foro Boario - Via Prampolini
Foro Boario Argine Ducale
Argine Ducale
Facolta' Di Ingegneria
33 Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Via Bologna
2 Via C.goretti
Via Cesare Goretti
70 Via Cesare Goretti
261 Via G.fabbri
55 Via Del Campo
71 Via Del Campo
Viale Giambattista Boldrini
126 Via Gaetano Pesci
181 Via G.pesci
119 Via Gaetano Pesci
56 Via Gaetano Pesci
3/A Via G.pesci
2 Via A.bonafini
36 Via Foro Boario
90 Via V.barlaam
Via Vincenzo Barlaam
Via Vasco Zappaterra
155 Via Foro Boario
183 Via Foro Boario
345 Via Argine Ducale
Via Argine Ducale
28 Ple Della Stazione

Additional information: 3 has 24 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 21 minutes.

Sunday :6:46 AM - 8:42 PM
Monday :7:42 AM - 8:42 PM
Tuesday :6:46 AM - 8:42 PM
Wednesday :6:46 AM - 8:42 PM
Thursday :6:46 AM - 8:42 PM
Friday :6:46 AM - 8:42 PM
Saturday :