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Line Id: CAS

City: Cosenza, Italy

Provider: Autolinee Romano

Bus stop: C.So Mazzini

Bus stop: P.za Pitagora

Bus stop: Via Nicoletta

Bus stop: Via Di Vittorio

Bus stop: P.za Caputi

Bus stop: Via Giovanni Paolo II (Stadio)

Bus stop: Via XXV Aprile

Bus stop: Via Matteotti

Bus stop: V.Le Gallucci

Bus stop: Chiesa Del Carmine

Bus stop: Cimitero

Bus stop: Istituto S. Anna

Bus stop: Pesca Subacquea

Bus stop: San Leonardo

Bus stop: Costa Tiziana

Bus stop: Lido Azzurro

Bus stop: Casarossa

Bus stop: Acquapark Atlantis


C.So Mazzini
P.za Pitagora
Via Nicoletta
Via Di Vittorio
P.za Caputi
Via Giovanni Paolo II (Stadio)
Via XXV Aprile
Via Matteotti
V.Le Gallucci
Chiesa Del Carmine
Istituto S. Anna
Pesca Subacquea
San Leonardo
Costa Tiziana
Lido Azzurro
Acquapark Atlantis
Via Esterna Firenze
I Portici
Via Giuseppe Di Vittorio
Piazza Antonio Caputi
Piazza Francesco Corrado
Via Giacomo Matteotti
Piazza Mario Ciliberto
Piazzale Cimitero

Additional information: CAS has 18 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 21 minutes.

Sunday :
Monday :9:00 AM - 7:10 PM
Tuesday :
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Saturday :