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Line Id: 1

City: Genoa, Italy

Provider: TPL Savona

Bus stop: Legino 167 Capolinea

Bus stop: Via Bonini, Via Ferriere

Bus stop: Via Bonini, Via Bresciana

Bus stop: Via Bresciana, 49

Bus stop: Via Bresciana, Via Grondona

Bus stop: Via Martini

Bus stop: Corso Svizzera, 104

Bus stop: Scalo Parco Doria

Bus stop: Via Stalingrado, Officine

Bus stop: Piazzale Moroni, 7

Bus stop: Piazzale Moroni, 23

Bus stop: Via Buozzi, 3

Bus stop: Via Chiavella, 18

Bus stop: Via Chiavella, 3

Bus stop: Via Stalingrado, 21

Bus stop: Via Stalingrado, 5

Bus stop: Corso Tardy E Benech, Palasport

Bus stop: Corso Tardy E Benech, 35

Bus stop: Corso Mazzini, 25

Bus stop: Via Niella

Bus stop: Via Nazario Sauro

Bus stop: Piazza Saffi, Prefettura

Bus stop: Via San Lorenzo, Brennero

Bus stop: Via Mignone, 15

Bus stop: Via Mignone, 30

Bus stop: Via Mignone, 46

Bus stop: La Rusca


Legino 167 Capolinea
Via Bonini, Via Ferriere
Via Bonini, Via Bresciana
Via Bresciana, 49
Via Bresciana, Via Grondona
Via Martini
Corso Svizzera, 104
Scalo Parco Doria
Via Stalingrado, Officine
Piazzale Moroni, 7
Piazzale Moroni, 23
Via Buozzi, 3
Via Chiavella, 18
Via Chiavella, 3
Via Stalingrado, 21
Via Stalingrado, 5
Corso Tardy E Benech, Palasport
Corso Tardy E Benech, 35
Corso Mazzini, 25
Via Niella
Via Nazario Sauro
Piazza Saffi, Prefettura
Via San Lorenzo, Brennero
Via Mignone, 15
Via Mignone, 30
Via Mignone, 46
La Rusca
Via Nostra Signora del Monte
Via Bresciana
Via Arturo Martini
Via Giobatta Cuneo
Piazzale Moroni
Piazzale Luigi Moroni
Via Argentina Altobelli
Via Chiavella
23 Via Stalingrado
19 Corso Tardy e Benech
9 Corso Tardy e Benech
135 R Corso Giuseppe Mazzini
9 Via Gio Francesco Niella
Via Nazario Sauro
Piazza Aurelio Saffi
27 Via San Lorenzo
15 Via Francesco Mignone
30 Via Francesco Mignone
46 Via Francesco Mignone
Via Rusca

Additional information: 1 has 27 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 21 minutes.

Sunday :7:05 AM - 10:00 PM
Monday :7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday :7:05 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday :7:05 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday :7:05 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday :7:05 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday :7:05 AM - 10:00 PM