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Line Id: CS

City: Genoa, Italy

Provider: AMT

Bus stop: Monumento Caduti/Capolinea

Bus stop: Veilino 1/Tomba Abello

Bus stop: Veilino 2/Trento Trieste

Bus stop: Campo 49

Bus stop: Campo 52

Bus stop: Campo 21

Bus stop: Campo 52

Bus stop: Campo 49

Bus stop: Veilino 2/Trento Trieste

Bus stop: Testero 1/Tomba Montuoro

Bus stop: Testero 2/Tomba Fontana

Bus stop: Forno Inceneritore

Bus stop: Brian 1/Tomba Mazzini

Bus stop: Brian 2

Bus stop: Brian 3

Bus stop: Casaretto 1/Tomba Croce

Bus stop: Casaretto 2/Tomba Peri

Bus stop: Carena Larco

Bus stop: Parodi

Bus stop: Campo Delle Rose/Capolinea


Monumento Caduti/Capolinea
Veilino 1/Tomba Abello
Veilino 2/Trento Trieste
Campo 49
Campo 52
Campo 21
Campo 52
Campo 49
Veilino 2/Trento Trieste
Testero 1/Tomba Montuoro
Testero 2/Tomba Fontana
Forno Inceneritore
Brian 1/Tomba Mazzini
Brian 2
Brian 3
Casaretto 1/Tomba Croce
Casaretto 2/Tomba Peri
Carena Larco
Campo Delle Rose/Capolinea
Viale Protestanti
Viale Testero
Viale Superiore Testero
Scalinata Santa Maria
Rampa Mazzini
Galleria Radiale
Via Pontasso
Viale Croce
Viale Armanino
Viale Casareto Moro
Viale Carena Larco
Viale superiore Pontasso

Additional information: CS has 20 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 6 minutes.

Sunday :8:05 AM - 4:32 PM
Monday :8:30 AM - 4:35 PM
Tuesday :8:05 AM - 4:32 PM
Wednesday :8:05 AM - 4:32 PM
Thursday :8:05 AM - 4:32 PM
Friday :8:05 AM - 4:32 PM
Saturday :8:05 AM - 4:32 PM