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Line Id: C2

City: Grenoble, France

Provider: TAG

Bus stop: Grenoble, Louise Michel

Bus stop: Grenoble, Stade Lesdiguieres

Bus stop: Grenoble, Le Rondeau

Bus stop: Echirolles, Navis

Bus stop: Echirolles, Quinzaine

Bus stop: Echirolles, Bayard

Bus stop: Echirolles, Ecureuil

Bus stop: Le Pont-De-Claix, Flottibulle

Bus stop: Le Pont-De-Claix, Clos Dominique

Bus stop: Le Pont-De-Claix, Iles De Mars

Bus stop: Le Pont-De-Claix, Irene Joliot-Curie

Bus stop: Le Pont-De-Claix, Pont-De-Claix Mairie

Bus stop: Claix, Pont Rouge


Grenoble, Louise Michel
Grenoble, Stade Lesdiguieres
Grenoble, Le Rondeau
Echirolles, Navis
Echirolles, Quinzaine
Echirolles, Bayard
Echirolles, Ecureuil
Le Pont-De-Claix, Flottibulle
Le Pont-De-Claix, Clos Dominique
Le Pont-De-Claix, Iles De Mars
Le Pont-De-Claix, Irene Joliot-Curie
Le Pont-De-Claix, Pont-De-Claix Mairie
Claix, Pont Rouge
Rue Louise Michel
Stade Lesdiguières
Le Rondeau
Contre Allée Est 8
Clos Dominique
Îles de Mars
Irène Joliot-Curie
Pont de Claix - Mairie
Claix - Pont Rouge

Additional information: C2 has 13 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 16 minutes.

Sunday :12:06 AM - 11:40 PM
Monday :12:06 AM - 11:40 PM
Tuesday :12:06 AM - 11:40 PM
Wednesday :12:06 AM - 11:40 PM
Thursday :12:06 AM - 11:40 PM
Friday :12:06 AM - 11:40 PM
samedi :12:06 AM - 11:40 PM