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Line Id: 1S

City: Marseille, France

Provider: RTM

Bus stop: Metro La Rose

Bus stop: Metro La Rose

Bus stop: Val Plan

Bus stop: Les Vieux Cypres

Bus stop: Einstein Monnet

Bus stop: Einstein Athena

Bus stop: College Malraux

Bus stop: Einstein Parking Relais

Bus stop: Bara Bessons

Bus stop: Bara Val De Gray

Bus stop: Bara La Croix

Bus stop: Bara Prats

Bus stop: Place Des Heros

Bus stop: Palama Chateau Gombert

Bus stop: Chateau Gombert

Bus stop: Palama Camoins

Bus stop: Palama Fumade

Bus stop: Palama Carroussel

Bus stop: Palama Ecuyers

Bus stop: La Parade Chars

Bus stop: Chateau De La Parade

Bus stop: La Parade Garou

Bus stop: La Parade Argelas

Bus stop: La Parade Pierrots

Bus stop: La Parade


Metro La Rose
Metro La Rose
Val Plan
Les Vieux Cypres
Einstein Monnet
Einstein Athena
College Malraux
Einstein Parking Relais
Bara Bessons
Bara Val De Gray
Bara La Croix
Bara Prats
Place Des Heros
Palama Chateau Gombert
Chateau Gombert
Palama Camoins
Palama Fumade
Palama Carroussel
Palama Ecuyers
La Parade Chars
Chateau De La Parade
La Parade Garou
La Parade Argelas
La Parade Pierrots
La Parade
Métro La Rose
Métro La Rose
Rue Albert Einstein
172 Rue Albert Einstein
Rue Albert Einstein
Collège Malraux
Einstein Parking Relais
82 Boulevard Bara
29 Boulevard Bara
Chemin de Palama
21 Chemin de Palama
73 Chemin de Palama
Impasse de l'Arlequin
Rue de la Parade

Additional information: 1S has 25 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 18 minutes.

Sunday :
Monday :
Tuesday :7:55 AM - 5:05 PM
Wednesday :7:55 AM - 5:05 PM
Thursday :7:55 AM - 5:05 PM
Friday :7:55 AM - 5:05 PM
samedi :7:55 AM - 5:05 PM