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Line Id: M2 BUS

City: Milan and Lombardy, Italy

Provider: ATM

Bus stop: Gessate M2 (Scarico)

Bus stop: Via Trieste (Gorgonzola)

Bus stop: Gorgonzola M2

Bus stop: Via Milano SP 11 (Gorgonzola)

Bus stop: Via Roma Via Matteotti (Cassina De' Pecchi)

Bus stop: Villa Fiorita M2

Bus stop: SS 11 Via Diaz (Cernusco)

Bus stop: C.na Burrona M2

Bus stop: SS 11 Via Gramsci (Vimodrone)

Bus stop: Cascina Gobba M2


Gessate M2 (Scarico)
Via Trieste (Gorgonzola)
Gorgonzola M2
Via Milano SP 11 (Gorgonzola)
Via Roma Via Matteotti (Cassina De' Pecchi)
Villa Fiorita M2
SS 11 Via Diaz (Cernusco)
C.na Burrona M2
SS 11 Via Gramsci (Vimodrone)
Cascina Gobba M2
Piazzale I° Maggio
Piazza Europa
Via Monte Grappa
2 Via Piero Gobetti

Additional information: M2 BUS has 10 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 33 minutes.

Sunday :12:03 AM - 12:20 AM
Monday :
Tuesday :11:03 PM - 11:33 PM
Wednesday :12:03 AM - 11:33 PM
Thursday :12:03 AM - 11:33 PM
Friday :12:03 AM - 11:33 PM
Saturday :12:03 AM - 11:33 PM