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Line Id: B4

City: San Sebastian, Spain

Provider: dBUS

Bus stop: Boulevard 9

Bus stop: Urbieta 12

Bus stop: Urbieta 58

Bus stop: Sancho Sabio 12

Bus stop: S.Sabio 28

Bus stop: Madrid 14

Bus stop: Anoeta

Bus stop: Toribio Alzaga

Bus stop: Barcelona 10

Bus stop: Barcelona 26

Bus stop: La Salle

Bus stop: Loiola 12

Bus stop: Hipika 12

Bus stop: Renfe Loiola

Bus stop: Antzieta

Bus stop: Renfe Martutene

Bus stop: Tranbia 1

Bus stop: Ibai Alde

Bus stop: Larrun Mendi


Boulevard 9
Urbieta 12
Urbieta 58
Sancho Sabio 12
S.Sabio 28
Madrid 14
Toribio Alzaga
Barcelona 10
Barcelona 26
La Salle
Loiola 12
Hipika 12
Renfe Loiola
Renfe Martutene
Tranbia 1
Ibai Alde
Larrun Mendi
9 Boulevard
12 Urbieta kalea
58 Urbieta kalea
Azpeitia kalea
2 Pio XII plaza
14 Madrid hiribidea
34 Madrid hiribidea
4 Toribio Alzaga kalea
Avenida Barcelona Hiribidea
28 Barcelona hiribidea
27 Urbia kalea
Zuzenene bidea
Hipika bidea
6 Aintzieta pasealekua
Tranbia kalea

Additional information: B4 has 19 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 25 minutes.

Sunday :12:15 AM - 3:00 AM
Monday :12:15 AM - 4:00 AM
Tuesday :
Wednesday :
Thursday :
Friday :
Saturday :