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Line Id: 02/S

City: Sardinia, Italy

Provider: ASPO

Bus stop: Sa Minda Noa

Bus stop: Via Della Piazza

Bus stop: Via Londra

Bus stop: Via Bruxelles

Bus stop: Via Bonn

Bus stop: V.Le A.Moro 409

Bus stop: A.Moro Fr.Popolari

Bus stop: V.Le A.Moro Fr.Eni

Bus stop: A.Moro Romagnolo

Bus stop: V.Le A.Moro Fr.252

Bus stop: V.Le A.Moro 245

Bus stop: V.Le A.Moro 227

Bus stop: Via Sangallo 93

Bus stop: Via Sangallo 57

Bus stop: Via Sangallo 25

Bus stop: Via De Simone 13

Bus stop: V.Le A.Moro 87

Bus stop: A.Moro Fr.Ospedale

Bus stop: Centro Martini

Bus stop: D'Annunzio Cc

Bus stop: D'Annunzio Fr.Fs

Bus stop: Necropoli S.Simplicio

Bus stop: Via San Simplicio

Bus stop: Mameli 6

Bus stop: Mameli Casermette

Bus stop: Via Roma

Bus stop: Via Roma P.Zzo Pinna

Bus stop: Via Lituania Pescheria

Bus stop: Via Imperia

Bus stop: Via Imperia

Bus stop: Via Vicenza Sisa

Bus stop: Via Vicenza V.Asti

Bus stop: Via Venafiorita Ex Trib.

Bus stop: Via Mestre

Bus stop: Via Modena V.Parma

Bus stop: Via Modena Fr. Jesolo

Bus stop: Via Modena

Bus stop: Sa Marinedda


Sa Minda Noa
Via Della Piazza
Via Londra
Via Bruxelles
Via Bonn
V.Le A.Moro 409
A.Moro Fr.Popolari
V.Le A.Moro Fr.Eni
A.Moro Romagnolo
V.Le A.Moro Fr.252
V.Le A.Moro 245
V.Le A.Moro 227
Via Sangallo 93
Via Sangallo 57
Via Sangallo 25
Via De Simone 13
V.Le A.Moro 87
A.Moro Fr.Ospedale
Centro Martini
D'Annunzio Cc
D'Annunzio Fr.Fs
Necropoli S.Simplicio
Via San Simplicio
Mameli 6
Mameli Casermette
Via Roma
Via Roma P.Zzo Pinna
Via Lituania Pescheria
Via Imperia
Via Imperia
Via Vicenza Sisa
Via Vicenza V.Asti
Via Venafiorita Ex Trib.
Via Mestre
Via Modena V.Parma
Via Modena Fr. Jesolo
Via Modena
Sa Marinedda
28 Via Belgrado
5 Via Della Piazza
28 Via Londra
34 Via Bruxelles
6 Via Bonn
409 Viale Aldo Moro
387 Piazza Civita
300 Piazza Civita
252 Piazza Civita
212 Piazza Civita
176 Piazza Civita
95 Via Sangallo
Via Sangallo
18 Via Sangallo
13 Via G. De Simone
81 Piazza Civita
47 Piazza Civita
31 Via Gabriele D'annunzio
68 Via Gabriele D'Annunzio
102 Via Gabriele D'annunzio
150 Via Gabriele D'Annunzio
13 Via San Simplicio
6 Via G. Mameli
33 Via G. Mameli
65 O 90str_370
154 90str_370
12 Via Lituania
4 Via Imperia
47 Via Imperia
36 Via Vicenza
1 Via Vicenza
2 90str_370
1 Via Mestre
55 Via Modena
128 Via Modena
466 Via Modena
488 Via Modena

Additional information: 02/S has 38 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 35 minutes.

Sunday :
Monday :
Tuesday :7:30 AM
Wednesday :7:30 AM
Thursday :
Friday :7:30 AM
Saturday :7:30 AM