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Line Id: 1091

City: Turin, Italy

Provider: GTT Servizio Extraurbano

Bus stop: Rubiana (P.Zza Roma)

Bus stop: Rubiana (Via Roma - Deposito Gtt)

Bus stop: Rubiana (Fraz. Tetti)

Bus stop: Almese (Fraz. Soffietti)

Bus stop: Almese (V. Copertili)

Bus stop: Almese ( Malatrait II )

Bus stop: Almese ( Malatrait I )

Bus stop: Villardora (Bv. Rubiana)

Bus stop: Almese (P.Za Martiri)

Bus stop: Almese (V. Avigliana 85)

Bus stop: Almese (V. Avigliana 117)

Bus stop: Avigliana (Grangia)

Bus stop: Avigliana (Corso Dora - Stazione)


Rubiana (P.Zza Roma)
Rubiana (Via Roma - Deposito Gtt)
Rubiana (Fraz. Tetti)
Almese (Fraz. Soffietti)
Almese (V. Copertili)
Almese ( Malatrait II )
Almese ( Malatrait I )
Villardora (Bv. Rubiana)
Almese (P.Za Martiri)
Almese (V. Avigliana 85)
Almese (V. Avigliana 117)
Avigliana (Grangia)
Avigliana (Corso Dora - Stazione)
14 Piazza Roma
62 Via Roma
121 Via Rubiana
87 Via Rubiana
61 Via Rubiana
27 Borgata I Malatrait
Via Circonvallazione
18 Via Avigliana
83 Via Avigliana
117 Via Avigliana
51 Via Almese
13 Corso Dora

Additional information: 1091 has 13 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 22 minutes.

Sunday :
Monday :
Tuesday :8:15 AM
Wednesday :8:15 AM
Thursday :8:15 AM
Friday :8:15 AM
Saturday :8:15 AM