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Line Id: C

City: Venice, Italy

Provider: ACTV

Bus stop: Santa Maria Elisabetta

Bus stop: Gallo Bragadin

Bus stop: Gallo Contarini

Bus stop: Gallo Barbarigo

Bus stop: Gallo Morosini

Bus stop: Gallo Sant'Antonio

Bus stop: Gallo Loredan

Bus stop: Gallo Torta

Bus stop: Gallo Biblioteca

Bus stop: Gallo Dei Giunta

Bus stop: Gallo Dei Kirchmayer

Bus stop: Gallo Giolito

Bus stop: Ca' Bianca La Fontaine


Santa Maria Elisabetta
Gallo Bragadin
Gallo Contarini
Gallo Barbarigo
Gallo Morosini
Gallo Sant'Antonio
Gallo Loredan
Gallo Torta
Gallo Biblioteca
Gallo Dei Giunta
Gallo Dei Kirchmayer
Gallo Giolito
Ca' Bianca La Fontaine
Lido Di Venezia
Via Sandro Gallo
Via Sandro Gallo
Via Sandro Gallo
112B Via Sandro Gallo
Piazza Pietro Torta
Via Sandro Gallo
Via Sandro Gallo

Additional information: C has 13 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 7 minutes.

Sunday :
Monday :
Tuesday :7:30 AM - 2:01 PM
Wednesday :7:30 AM - 2:01 PM
Thursday :7:30 AM - 2:01 PM
Friday :7:30 AM - 2:01 PM
Saturday :7:30 AM - 2:01 PM