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Line Id: F.te Nove B - F.te Nove B

City: Venice, Italy

Provider: ACTV

Bus stop: F.Te Nove "B"

Bus stop: Murano Colonna "C"

Bus stop: Murano Faro M/S Sx

Bus stop: Murano Navagero

Bus stop: Murano Museo Dx

Bus stop: Murano Venier

Bus stop: Murano Serenella

Bus stop: Murano Colonna "A"

Bus stop: F.Te Nove "B"


F.Te Nove "B"
Murano Colonna "C"
Murano Faro M/S Sx
Murano Navagero
Murano Museo Dx
Murano Venier
Murano Serenella
Murano Colonna "A"
F.Te Nove "B"
Fondamente Nove
18 Bressagio
57 Fondamenta Andrea Navagero
Fondamenta Venier
Ponte Serenella
Fondamente Nove

Additional information: NMU has 9 stations and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 30 minutes.

Sunday :12:15 AM - 11:41 PM
Monday :12:15 AM - 11:41 PM
Tuesday :12:15 AM - 11:41 PM
Wednesday :12:15 AM - 11:41 PM
Thursday :12:15 AM - 11:41 PM
Friday :12:15 AM - 11:41 PM
Saturday :12:15 AM - 11:41 PM