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Line Id: T1

City: Venice, Italy

Provider: ACTV S.p.a-Tram

Bus stop: Monte Celo Favaro

Bus stop: Triestina Monte Cimon

Bus stop: San Dona' Pastrello

Bus stop: San Dona' Marmolada

Bus stop: San Dona' Cervino

Bus stop: San Dona' Rielta

Bus stop: San Dona' Pineta

Bus stop: San Dona' Pasqualigo

Bus stop: San Dona' Val Gardena

Bus stop: Ca' Rossa Serravalle

Bus stop: Ca' Rossa Oberdan

Bus stop: Ca' Rossa Volturno

Bus stop: Ca' Rossa Bissuola

Bus stop: Cialdini Mestre Centro A1

Bus stop: Colombo Mestre Centro A2


Monte Celo Favaro
Triestina Monte Cimon
San Dona' Pastrello
San Dona' Marmolada
San Dona' Cervino
San Dona' Rielta
San Dona' Pineta
San Dona' Pasqualigo
San Dona' Val Gardena
Ca' Rossa Serravalle
Ca' Rossa Oberdan
Ca' Rossa Volturno
Ca' Rossa Bissuola
Cialdini Mestre Centro A1
Colombo Mestre Centro A2
Via Monte Celo
1 Via Monte Avena
25 Piazza Angelo Pastrello
352a Via San Donà
332 Via San Donà
303 Via San Donà
168 Via San Donà
136 Via San Donà
139 Via Ca' Rossa
33 Via Ca' Rossa
2 Via Ca' Rossa
Piazzale Generale Enrico Cialdini
Via Cristoforo Colombo

Additional information: T1 has 15 stations and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 18 minutes.

Sunday :6:07 AM - 6:57 AM
Monday :6:07 AM - 6:52 AM
Tuesday :6:07 AM - 6:57 AM
Wednesday :6:07 AM - 6:57 AM
Thursday :6:07 AM - 6:57 AM
Friday :6:07 AM - 6:57 AM
Saturday :6:07 AM - 6:57 AM