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Line Id: T2

City: Venice, Italy

Provider: ACTV S.p.a-Tram

Bus stop: Salamonio Marghera

Bus stop: Cafasso Bottenigo

Bus stop: Rinascita Emmer

Bus stop: Rinascita Beccaria

Bus stop: Piazza Mercato

Bus stop: Sant'Antonio Municipio

Bus stop: Lavelli Paolucci

Bus stop: Piazzale Giovanacci

Bus stop: Stazione Mestre FS

Bus stop: Cappuccina Sernaglia

Bus stop: Cappuccina

Bus stop: Cappuccina Villa Erizzo

Bus stop: Olivi

Bus stop: Cialdini Mestre Centro A4


Salamonio Marghera
Cafasso Bottenigo
Rinascita Emmer
Rinascita Beccaria
Piazza Mercato
Sant'Antonio Municipio
Lavelli Paolucci
Piazzale Giovanacci
Stazione Mestre FS
Cappuccina Sernaglia
Cappuccina Villa Erizzo
Cialdini Mestre Centro A4
Via Giuseppe Cafasso
34 Piazza del Mercato
Piazzale Sant'Antonio
Piazzale Lazzaro Giovannacci
Via Cappuccina
30 Via Olivi
Piazzale Generale Enrico Cialdini

Additional information: T2 has 14 stations and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 24 minutes.

Sunday :9:03 PM - 9:53 PM
Monday :9:10 PM - 9:55 PM
Tuesday :9:03 PM - 9:53 PM
Wednesday :9:03 PM - 9:53 PM
Thursday :9:03 PM - 9:53 PM
Friday :9:03 PM - 9:53 PM
Saturday :9:03 PM - 9:53 PM