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Line Id: L2

City: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

Provider: Tuvisa

Bus stop: Zaramaga / C.C. Boulevard

Bus stop: Zaramaga / Portal Gamarra

Bus stop: Madrid 36

Bus stop: Madrid / Andalucía

Bus stop: Madrid / Valladolid

Bus stop: Aragón / Residencia

Bus stop: Jacinto Benavente 2

Bus stop: Jacinto Benavente / Florida

Bus stop: Zumaquera 61

Bus stop: Zumaquera 29

Bus stop: Zumaquera 15

Bus stop: Araba

Bus stop: Clínica Álava

Bus stop: Mendizorrotza


Zaramaga / C.C. Boulevard
Zaramaga / Portal Gamarra
Madrid 36
Madrid / Andalucía
Madrid / Valladolid
Aragón / Residencia
Jacinto Benavente 2
Jacinto Benavente / Florida
Zumaquera 61
Zumaquera 29
Zumaquera 15
Clínica Álava
2 Zaramaga kalea
Zaramaga kalea
38 Madril kalea
62 Andaluzia kalea
30 Andaluzia kalea
6 Andaluzia kalea
6 Sutaustegi Zaharreko kalea
61 Zumakadi ibilbidea
31 Zumakadi ibilbidea
17 Zumakadi ibilbidea
Zapardiel Kalea
24 Salbatierrabide kalea
27-12 Frai Francisco Vitoria ibilbidea

Additional information: L2 has 14 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 20 minutes.

Sunday :11:15 PM
Monday :10:20 PM
Tuesday :10:10 PM
Wednesday :10:10 PM
Thursday :10:10 PM
Friday :10:10 PM
Saturday :10:10 PM